WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS from 2:00 to 4:00 pm

#1 🤖🔨♻️ Robot Eco-Heros : create your own robot mask with recycled materials

#2 🎷🎶🥁 PRINS ZONDER CARNAVAL & DE GILDE feat. DIZZY DOUX : Build your musical instrument and participate in the parade


Professeure Postérieur 🏃🏼♀️🎶

Professeure Postérieur offers a participatory performance in the form of a wild and grotesque aerobics ceremony.

A hybrid genre between buffoon show, gym class and music selection
embodied music. This activity is sprot ≠ sport (sprot: [ spʁɔt ] n. lesser-known discipline
but less boring than its first cousin sport).
This is how she invites the audience to participate in a small, friendly, but very invigorating warm-up. We sweat a little, but it’s not dirty, on the contrary, it’s rather healthy, it creates links between people and at worst, it warms up the room. Together we celebrate the secret nerve that connects the posterior to the zygomatic.

Quality playlist, calibrated movements, endorphin sharing, and laughter to boot.
Put on your sneakers, dare to wear the gay, shimmering, vibrant costume and come to exult.

A spare T-shirt is strongly recommended.

Little Bike Hug faux fur mini bmx track 🚲🐊

A Kuntaka Malu creation

Ride Little Bike Hug 12″ and 16″ BMX bikes created by Kuntaka Malu against the clock to become the track champion. Or challenge your friends to a one-on-one joust from the bikes. Fun for all.

Two tracks will run simultaneously. A mini track for the little kids and a longer track for the adults! Children AND adults are all welcome!

Safety equipment provided on site.

DJ Belgitude 🎧

If you don’t understand Belgium, this is the answer. These forgotten Belgian vinyl collectors unearth the strangest music the country has to offer. Low quality guaranteed, it’s all about having fun and discovering the history of the most surreal country on the planet. Schieve Shit Pey!

Eco-Hero Robot 🤖

In her work, Precy Numbi takes objects discarded by society and
transforms them into something new that viewers interact with. As a performance activist and sculptor, he addresses the problems of recycling and proposes utopian and creative solutions through his work.

His performance is an artistic intervention that conveys messages about the environment and trans-humanism, intercultural conviviality and rhythm through different gestures. It highlights the unprecedented development of man by
opening tracks of thought on the state of the transformation of our bodies and our behaviors by including our current society in the major processes of its change.

The Tatoumages 🎨✍️

If you feel like being covered in colors, go see the Tatoumages during their wandering performance. These curious costumed characters are a troupe of intergalactic oddballs who, in a nameless hullabaloo spread love.


Oyé ! Oye! His Highness, McCloud 1°, Prins Zonder Carnaval (Prince without carnival) of Schaerbeek since 2020, proposes a festive twinning between Schaerbeek and Forest: We’ll celebrate with a joyful entry to the FOREST SOUNDS festival! DE PRINS and his band, DE GILDE feat. DIZZY DOUX, have prepared some rituals and odes to their musical principality. Together with the citizens of Forest, they build percussive instruments for a festive stroll, a crazy decor and an unforgettable moment in honor of the city of Forest!