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Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers



DE PRINS and his band, DE GILDE feat. DIZZY DOUX, have prepared some rituals and odes to their musical principality. With the desire to bring together the people of the principalities of Schaerbeek and Forest, they build percussive instruments for a festive stroll, a crazy decor and an unforgettable moment in honor of the city of Forest! 

Meridian Brothers

From Bogotá – Colombia, Meridian Brothers  is a contemporary neotropicalista group founded in 1998 from the interests of Eblis Álvarez (composer and multi-instrumentalist) as a musical laboratory for a small audiences and distributed at the time in cassette format.

The style of Meridian Brothers is part of the neo-tropicalista movement in Colombia taking place at the beginning of the 21st century. The roots of the group can be found in the ephemeral

Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato project, where its members (Eblis Álvarez among them) dedicated to experiment with influences from traditional Colombian music such as vallenato, cumbia, Bullerengue, ‘palenquero’ sextet format, ‘Gaita’ format, etc.

Meridian Brothers proposes an experimental line of these origins with an ever-changing, very personal and histrionic proposal.

The band has earned a reputation as a cult band in Latin America. The group has been cataloged by music journalists as a futuristic avant-garde proposal, which preserves roots reminiscences of Latin music, due to its sound, style and theatrical expression.


SONGØ is composed of South African singer Sisanda Myataza, (now based in Bristol UK) Yoann Minkoff and Mael Loeiz Danion (Guitar/vocals and keyboards/production of the band City Kay) and the drummer multi instrument player from Burkina Faso Petit Piment who recently settled in France after touring Europe with his band Baba Commandant.

In summer 2018, the team gathered in Rennes and Bristol to work on everyones songs and ideas, and intertwine the various influences. Working in studio as well as in live setup. Quickly the band started to find its very unique sound, made out of Pop, Soul, Transe and afro psychedelic music. A clearly organic music with a few electronic elements.

Meril Wubslin

A repetitive music with a folk background and traditional and experimental sounds that will hypnotize you.

Set in Lausanne & Brussels, Meril Wubslin is the musical project of Christian Garcia-Gaucher, guitarist-composer of Velma and Valérie Niederoest (Toboggan/Wild Guys), with Jérémie Conne (Toboggan/Rosqo).


CROLLES, ” it’s two women who trip on the beat, with music and chic muses “.

Leïla and Amandine are both actresses, singers, live in Brussels and have crolles. 

The duet was born during the second confinement, when, already used to mixing their voices and to find an obviousness in it, they realize that they have both notebooks blackened with texts in gestation: poems, slam, songs which only ask to be born. Composing a set that they could share in the living rooms of their loved ones suddenly becomes vital. They leave for Switzerland for a first residency in January 2021.

Since then, they continue to beat the iron (since it is boiling hot), to write songs, to give concerts in private and public spaces. They play in Belgium, but also in Switzerland and France. 

What they privilege is an intimate encounter with the public that allows a capella both in the music and in the silences, a feeling of deep exchange, a time to vibrate together, essential moments of magic.

Black Flower

The exotic & the eccentric become the danceable and the accessible. Is that weird? – Yes but actually No.

The spiritual trance becomes the erotic sensuality. Is that appropriate? – No but in fact Yes.

The melancholic modest mood becomes the instinctively wild outburst of energy. Is that sane? – Yes but also very Desirable.

Deli Teli

This is the music that set the Athenian nights alight at a time when Saint-Tropez was rocking to the sound of Yéyé. Mixing, with a subtle dose of Mediterranean melodrama, the hits of this mythical era with a 60’s rock sound, Deli Teli preach a collective, sensual and solar wiggle on the dance floors of the rest of the world.


Like a lost gem of a retro-futurist soundtrack or a dusty trap song from outer space. Just listen to IVORY to catch the vibe: furious claps, deep kick, melow synth and soulful vocals. Drum machines and madness are the two feet they stand on. So free your mind and just dive into this post-tribal dance. As three face of the same coin, Raphaël Anker (Imperial Tiger Orchestra), Gab Gebrezghi (Ghostape, Tapes Adventures, Uberreel) and Ines Mouzoune will catch you on their spinning game, and you’ll not stay indemn. The band’s debut EP Giant was released on Bongo Joe Records on September 20th 2019

Lou K

From confidence to rebellion, Lou K’s songs explore multiple forms of expression through an airy and melancholic rock. 

Lou K, initially a solo project of the multi-disciplinary artist Lucie Lefauconnier, invests a strange space, when it becomes impossible to speak. So that underground stories take on another form.

Lou K is now accompanied by three musicians met at the Secrètes Sessions organised by Francofaune in September 2020: Alice Vande Voorde (La Chiva Gantiva, Kùzylarsen), Leslie Gutierrez (Pega) and Thècle Joussaud (Lylac, Jonathan Bénisty).


She raps and she has things to say. Taking part in the ‘Sound Track’ music competition at the end of last year, Ysmé is one of the three winners who were chosen in the final at AB on December 19th 2021.