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Meridian Brothers

Cumbia with electric guitar, vallenato, Latin funk/rock, salsa, traditional accordion music, music for electric organ, are among the styles developed by the band.


This international reunion brings a great language diversity. Led by the mesmerising voice of Sisanda (supported by the vocals of the 3 musicians) The songs are written in English, Xhosa, French and Mooré. 

Meril Wubslin

A trio, focusing on voice harmonies, guitar dialogues, repetition and heady rhythms, Meril Wubslin develops great organic strength live. The musicians get in direct contact with the audience and provoke a trance.


“The sound of CROLLES unloads, cleans you, moves you, forces you to raise the neck, puts you naked, you crack, you shout”. It’s amazing how “you crumble under the flow of words, you cry…”

Black Flower

Contrast gives colour to our life and to Black Flowers music.
A wilderness of intoxicating scales, harmonies & grooves gives the listeners the very feeling of being ALIVE.

Deli Teli

60’s greek revival
Gathered around the sacrosanct triptych: bongo, bouzouki and farfisa organ, the Greek-Marseille band Deli Teli revives the forgotten hits of Laïko.


New Swiss sensation AMAMI is a trio from Geneva who plays an exciting mixture of dancehall, tropical beats and dub.

Lou K

Taking comfort in metaphor for an imagination that saves. Singing different forms of violence in French, the interpretation seeks to be luminous in order to balance dark texts. Paradox becomes a signature.


She is one of the rising stars of the Belgian urban scene and her name is Ysmé. With her hard-hitting lyrics, she invites us into her delirious and colourful world.