Open to all, environment-friendly, festive, familiar, situated in a magnificent Brussels site, Forest Sounds encloses the Belgian summertime in style.
Powered by Le Palais des Sciences (Antitapas Night), the BRASS (Cultural center of Forest) and the Municipality of Forest.


Abbaye de Forest
stib Tram – Sint Denis – 82-97
Stib Bus – Sint Denis : 50-54-74 – N12
⚠️ Due to roadworks on the Neerstalle roadway, traffic is severely disrupted. Replacement buses are being used

The site is easily accessible by bike and public transport. A bike parking will be placed near the main entrance.

⛔️🐶 Our dog friends are unfortunately not welcome on the festival grounds!


Since its foundation in 1106, the Abbey has been in turn a place of worship, a place of market gardening and then industrial production (the mill was followed by a first factory in the 19th century, then a second…), a place of life (for the nuns, the pilgrims, the foresters), a place of culture and artistic creation…
This patina of history gives today to this small village a very particular and precious atmosphere.

Although the development of the railway infrastructure and industrial activities to the north and west have partially disconnected the site from the city, this real green lung is still very much appreciated by the forestois. The presence of the administrative center, of a commercial core and of a real communal square where cultural animations, flea markets and markets multiply are indeed only some of the numerous assets of the district.

For several years now, the heart of Forest has been the object of particular attention: the Hôtel Communal has been renovated since 2010 and in 2014 the Commune of Forest benefited from the Abbey Sustainable Neighborhood Contract, which allows for the implementation of projects to renovate public spaces, public facilities and socio-economic projects.

At the heart of this dynamic, this remarkable heritage that is the pride of its inhabitants and the Commune will be renovated, redeveloped and converted into a Cultural Center by 2023.

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