Meridian Brothers

From Bogotá – Colombia, Meridian Brothers  is a contemporary neotropicalista group founded in 1998 from the interests of Eblis Álvarez (composer and multi-instrumentalist) as a musical laboratory for a small audiences and distributed at the time in cassette format.

The style of Meridian Brothers is part of the neo-tropicalista movement in Colombia taking place at the beginning of the 21st century. The roots of the group can be found in the ephemeral

Ensamble Polifónico Vallenato project, where its members (Eblis Álvarez among them) dedicated to experiment with influences from traditional Colombian music such as vallenato, cumbia, Bullerengue, ‘palenquero’ sextet format, ‘Gaita’ format, etc.

Meridian Brothers proposes an experimental line of these origins with an ever-changing, very personal and histrionic proposal.

The band has earned a reputation as a cult band in Latin America. The group has been cataloged by music journalists as a futuristic avant-garde proposal, which preserves roots reminiscences of Latin music, due to its sound, style and theatrical expression.

Meril Wubslin

A repetitive music with a folk background and traditional and experimental sounds that will hypnotize you.

Set in Lausanne & Brussels, Meril Wubslin is the musical project of Christian Garcia-Gaucher, guitarist-composer of Velma and Valérie Niederoest (Toboggan/Wild Guys), with Jérémie Conne (Toboggan/Rosqo).


CROLLES, ” it’s two women who trip on the beat, with music and chic muses “.

Leïla and Amandine are both actresses, singers, live in Brussels and have crolles. 

The duet was born during the second confinement, when, already used to mixing their voices and to find an obviousness in it, they realize that they have both notebooks blackened with texts in gestation: poems, slam, songs which only ask to be born. Composing a set that they could share in the living rooms of their loved ones suddenly becomes vital. They leave for Switzerland for a first residency in January 2021.

Since then, they continue to beat the iron (since it is boiling hot), to write songs, to give concerts in private and public spaces. They play in Belgium, but also in Switzerland and France. 

What they privilege is an intimate encounter with the public that allows a capella both in the music and in the silences, a feeling of deep exchange, a time to vibrate together, essential moments of magic.