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Ateliers, Circus, Performances and more surprises!


31 AUG 2019 13h - 01h

GAYE SU AKYOL 20h45 Main Stage

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The new sound of Istanbul

One of Turkey’s most original and enigmatic voices, Gaye Sy Akyol offers songs that are by turns urgent, sultry, romantic and politically barbed. Listening to the Anatolian music icon Selda Bağcan and to Kurt Cobain in equal measure, she skipped right over the tired Oriental-Occidental paradigmatic clichés, mixing Turkish modes and scales with surf rock and psychedelia.
Released in October 2018, her new album reflects the band’s growing reputation as a powerful live act.

JUNGLE BY NIGHT 23h00 Main Stage

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Instrumental collective exploring the depths of explosive dance music since 2009.

After a decade of causing dancefloors to seethe, Jungle By Night has now ripened. Their raw funk, afrobeat and dub with jazz influences has evolved into a brilliant chunk of instrumental prose on their fifth and latest album ‘Livingstone’.
The nine-member band from Amsterdam is the odd one out in their own musical cosmos. A danceable live-act that oozes enjoyment and knows, as no other, how to create an overwhelming energy with its audience.

5th album ‘Livingstone’ out now!

KEL ASSOUF 18h45 Main Stage

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Power rock/blues, African trance and Tuareg influences.

With a new minimalist power trio, surrounded by Sofyann Ben Youssef on the organ and the Moog SUB 37, and Olivier Penu on drums, Anana Harouna’s revolt against injustices is made explicit by the saturated voice of his guitar. The African trance rhythms melted into the energy of vintage rock move us to a dancefloor somewhere between London and Niamey – a powerful groove machine!

New album “Black Tenere” released in February 2019 on Glitterbeat Records.

YĪN YĪN 22h00 Brass Stage

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Ultimate Thai Psych Funk Party

Four guys from Maastricht blending traditional South East Asian folkloric songs with modern sounds, and refine them with discofunk electro and psych-rock from the 70s.

Debut album “Pingpxng” en June 2018 as a limited edition cassette and new single in february 2019 on “Les Disques Bongo Joe”.

YÔKAÏ 19h45 Brass Stage

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Psychedelic ethio-afro jazz

Brussels Collectif founded in 2011, composed by multi-instrumentalists from jazz, rock and improvised music scenes, YÔKAÏ today is the meeting of 8 entities, different characters drawn together by their love of hypnotic grooves, trance-like modes and african motives. Imagine desert landscapes and luxurious jungles with sometimes a far cry from the forest. To see in live!

New first album released in February 2019 on the Humpty Dumpty Records.

MARTHA DA’RO 17h45 Brass Stage

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Smooth sound, mixing soul, hip-hop and funk

Belgian with Angolese roots, she shows emotional and musical maturity with her stunning vocals creating soulful and dreamy songs, which cannot be pinned down to one specific genre. With her music both intimate and powerful, she is one to keep an eye on for 2019.

First EP “Cheap Wine & Paris” released in February 2019.

SAUDADE 16h30 Main Stage

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Exciting mix of Soul, Pop and Indie Rock

The name “Saudade” is inspired by a Portuguese concept that translates as a melancholic journey into memories, an exploration of deep feelings that leads to a feeling of fullness. The group seeks to translate this sensation by combining jazz instrumental music with soul and pop rhythms.

New EP “IKIGAI” released in May 2019.

LAS LLORONAS 15h30 Brass Stage

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A mix of poetry and authenticity.

A duo born in Brussels inspired by folks, blues, bossa, slam and hip hop. Their voices, guitar and accordion share their sounds and universe with poetry and indignation, with a sound that tells stories in very intimate but powerful way.

After many concerts in Europe, they play at the Forest Sounds in full band for a best experience!  

BEN BERTRAND 14h30 Main Stage

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When hypnose meets clarinet

Clarinetist from Brussels inspired by classical music. His universe is made up of a mesmerising combination of clarinet and loop pedal that make the instrument sound like it had never sounded before. In his first EP “Era/Area” in 2017, the young clarinetist was mixing several sounds from all over the world.

His latest LP “NGC 1999” was out on May 2018.

NAFT Itinerant 18h30 19h30 20h30 22h45

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Party Buzzing Burning Bursting Beats!

This explosive band makes every party run, blaze, explode. They barks and licks contagiously in your ear with a quirky mix of house, techno and the better beats. Just yesterday in the DJ booth, today live & smashing, both on stage and on the street.

Born in 2018 at the Ghent parties, the formation has been on a steady rise in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Not to be missed itinerant at the Forest Sounds 2019!

KEUKEN PERCUSSIE Itinerant 14h00 15h15 16h15

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Cooking Party with extra spices

The two chefs, Piet Mouseweed and Wout Brubbel, are tired of stirring in the pots and pans. From now on, they’ll be bumping on it!

With spoons, stirrers, beaters and chopping knives they create fun grooves on pots, pans, bottles, buckets and barrels.



MAMI KITAGAWA 17h15 - On the big tree near the bar

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Dance trees performance

It is an aerial dance approach in contact with the branches and trunks of trees with techniques based on vertical dance, contemporary dance and aerial equipment such as fixed trapeze and aerial hoop.

A sensational show with a dancer specialized in aerial fabric and dancing with trees.



Kiosk Radio will showcase his best global sounds resident DJs with some special guests
and host the pop-up record store “Balades Sonores”.

DJSet Timetable:
♫ 14h Mambele ♫ 15h Pozi ♫ 16h Nixie ♫
♫ 17h SoFa b2b Dea Barandana ♫ 18h30 Kwak ♫ 19h30 Pllow ♫
♫ 20h30 Huna Sounds ♫ 22h Sebcat ♫ 23h Xogn ♫



Kiosk Radio vous fera également danser grâce à ses DJs résidents, attendez-vous un global sounds system!
Quelques invités surprises viendront pimenter la piste.
Les pop-up store de “Balades Sonores” seront présents pour dénicher les meilleures pépites musicales.

Horaires DJSet:
♫ 14h Mambele ♫ 15h Pozi ♫ 16h Nixie ♫
♫ 17h SoFa b2b Dea Barandana ♫ 18h30 Kwak ♫ 19h30 Pllow ♫
♫ 20h30 Huna Sounds ♫ 22h Sebcat ♫ 23h Xogn ♫



Kiosk Radio laat je ook dansen met zijn plaatselijke DJ’s, verwacht een wereldwijd geluidssysteem!
Sommige verrassende gasten zullen spanning brengen.
De pop-up store van “Balades Sonores” zal aanwezig zijn om de beste muzikale nuggets te vinden.

DJSet Rooster:
♫ 14h Mambele ♫ 15h Pozi ♫ 16h Nixie ♫
♫ 17h SoFa b2b Dea Barandana ♫ 18h30 Kwak ♫ 19h30 Pllow ♫
♫ 20h30 Huna Sounds ♫ 22h Sebcat ♫ 23h Xogn ♫


Open to all, environment-friendly, festive, familiar, situated in a magnificent Brussels park, Forest Sounds encloses the Belgian summertime in style.
Powered by Le Palais des Sciences (Antitapas Night), the BRASS (Cultural center of Forest) and the Municipality of Forest.  Enjoy the aftermovie and support this 3rd edition


Parc de Forest
stib – Rochefort: T97 B48
stib – Jupiter: B51
stib – Albert: T3 T4 B48 B54
stib – Avenue du Roi: T81 T82 T83 B49 B50
Villo! – Stop Rochefort

The main entrance of the festival is from Place Rochefort. The park is easily accessible by bike and public transport. A bike parking will be placed near the main entrance.


A green oasis among the Brussels municipalities of Saint Gilles and Forest. In 1882 the Belgian King Léopold II build this park for his magnificent panorama on the capital. The Park looks like a S, linking from above the nice buildings and majestic houses around Altitude 100 and Place Albert to the more popular neighborhood of Midi-Station.

PLAYLIST #ForestSounds19

AFTERPARTY #ForestSounds19

This year after the 3rd edition of the festival, the party will continue with the first official Forest Sounds AFTERPARTY at the Studio CityGate with DJS from the global underground with SebCat Rebel Up (BE) ♫ DJ soFa (BE) ♫ Dj Dea Barandana (IDN) ♫ Le Triporteur ♫ Ben ♫ YĪN YĪN SoundSystem and more surprises…

À propos

Ouvert à tous, respectueux de l’environnement, festif, familial, situé au cœur d’un magnifique parc bruxellois, Forest Sounds clôture l’été en beauté !
Une initiative du Palais des Sciences (Antitapas Nights), du BRASS (Centre Culturel de Forest) et de la Commune de Forest.


Parc de Forest
stib – Rochefort: T97 B48
stib – Jupiter: B51
stib – Albert: T3 T4 B48 B54
stib – Avenue du Roi: T81 T82 T83 B49 B50
Villo! – Stop Rochefort

L’entrée principale du festival se fera par la Place Rochefort. Le parc est facilement accessible en vélo et en transports en commun. Un parking vélo sera disponible sur la plaine à l’entrée principale.


Une oasis verte sur la frontière des communes bruxelloises Saint-Gilles et de Forest. Le roi belge Léopold II l’a fait construire en 1882, il avait choisi le terrain pour son magnifique panorama sur la capitale. Le parc ressemble à un S, liant les parties supérieures de la ville (l’Altitude 100 et la Place Albert), où on trouve des immeubles et des maisons majestueuses, aux parties plus populaires aux environs de la Gare de Midi.

PLAYLIST #ForestSounds19


Forest Sounds is een open festival dat de omgeving respecteert en de zomer op een feestelijke en gezellige manier afsluit in het prachtige Park van Vorst.
Het festival is een initiatief van het Palais des Sciences (Antitapas Night), BRASS (Centre Culturel de Forest) en de Gemeente Vorst.


Park van Vorst
stib – Rochefort: T97 B48
stib – Jupiter: B51
stib – Albert: T3 T4 B48 B54
stib – Koningslaan: T81 T82 T83 B49 B50
Villo! – Stop Rochefort

De festivalhoofdingang bevindt zich aan het Rochefortplein. Het park is gemakkelijk bereikbaar met fiets en openbaar vervoer. Aan de hoofdingang is een fietsparking voorzien.


Forest Sounds vindt plaats in het Park van Vorst, op de grens tussen de Brusselse gemeenten Sint-Gillis en Vorst. De tweede koning van België, Leopold II, legde het in 1882 aan omdat de locatie het mooiste zicht op de grootstad biedt. Het S-vormige park verbindt de hoogste gebieden van Brussel (Hoogte 100 en Albertplein in Vorst) vol statige huizen en majestueuze lanen, met de lagere gebieden die dichter bevolkt zijn (richting Zuidstation).

PLAYLIST #ForestSounds19


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